The Crossings
A Green Facility for Productive Events

For a corporate experience that promotes the well-being of both guests and the environment, meeting planners should take note of the invigorating atmosphere of The Crossings, a one-of-a-kind facility that offers more than just the typical amenities of a traditional convention hotel.

Every design element of The Crossings reflects a commitment to preserving the environment. “During the preliminary stages of development, the word ‘green’ wasn’t even part of our vocabulary,” says co-founder Ken Beck. “The decision to build such an environmentally friendly resort was inspired by our awe of the untouched beauty surrounding the project site. We wanted The Crossings to express a respect and admiration for nature’s purity.”

The 70 guest rooms are fashioned to allow visitors an intimacy with the natural world, and the layout of the entire spa resort creates a walking environment that facilitates movement between one encounter with nature to the next.

All guest rooms face the rising sun, making for a truly enjoyable morning rise out of bed, while the lighting of the accommodations facility gives visitors the opportunity to experience true darkness as evidenced by the visibility of the night stars. Lovingly constructed furniture incorporates recyclable materials into the goal of providing guests with optimum comfort and functionality.

The meeting spaces of The Crossings feature award-winning architecture that emphasizes the beauty of natural light and take green meetings to a new level. All meeting spaces are only one door away from the natural environment of the outdoors and all rooms feature impressive views of the surrounding Balcones Canyonlands Preserve. Each space is unique in design and size, making events of all sizes and seating arrangements possible.

The hallmark feature of The Crossings that brings together its philosophy of nature and nurture is its incomparable wellness spa. The spa menu offers an extensive listing of more than 50 treatments that rejuvenate the body and spirit, including massages, facials and holistic services.

All guests are invited to make use of the compound’s complimentary pool facility, hot tubs, steam rooms and sauna. Visitors are also encouraged to make use of the available wellness programs and lifestyle coaching conducted by experienced professionals in the field.
An amenity that is unique to The Crossings and one that meeting planners will greatly benefit from is the inclusion of three meals per guest for all accommodation rates. Dining options at The Crossings include the Cyprus Creek Dining Hall, which offers outdoor seating that overlooks Lake Travis, as well as the Treehouse Café, which offers an a la carte menu of entrees, beer and wine.

The creatively minded sales team at The Crossings is devoted to making every event a customized experience so that every planner gets the final result that he or she deserves. The experienced staff knows that planners are looking for the best value for their dollar, and The Crossings definitely fits the bill due to its prime location and the quality of its extensive array of amenities.

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