BMP Technology Opportunities at Silicon Hills
If you’re a business meeting professional finding it difficult to find a position that fully utilizes your skills or an employer who truly appreciates your contributions to the team, then it just might be time for a change of scenery. Looking for a city that not only meets your career needs but is also a great place to live? Meeting planners are finding this elusive combination deep in the hill country of Texas. Indeed, the city of Austin has repeatedly been cited by Forbes, Newsweek, and Men’s Journal as one of the best places to live in the country. With a thriving economy, an affordable homebuyer’s market, and energetic entertainment scene, Austin is a great place for financial opportunity and fun living. For meeting planners, potential for success can be summed up in one word: technology.

Austin is home to a growing technology industry, giving the city its fitting nickname of Silicon Hills. The city is one of the leading centers in the areas of digital media, computer software, semiconductors, web applications, defense systems, aerospace technology, and clean energy. The city’s excellent telecommunications system has made it a leader in the wireless technology arena. In fact, Austin boasts more free wireless locations per person than any other city in the United States. Austin is also an on-the-rise hotspot for the multi-billion dollar video game industry, as many technical colleges in the area are now offering degrees in gaming design and development. Silicon Hills also serves as the backdrop to an impressive pharmaceutical community with over 85 biotechnology firms in the region.

Many corporations are finding Austin to be the ideal location for setting up national headquarters, including the 500 Fortune companies Dell and Whole Foods Market. The list of major companies working out of Austin is expanding every year, but already includes such household names as Apple, e-bay/PayPal, Google, Hewlett-Packard, and Silicon Laboratories. With so many corporate heavy hitters in one location, companies not based in Austin continue to choose the city as the site for their annual conventions and business meetings. Meeting planners are needed now more than ever to orchestrate the large number of corporate events that are needed to foster and sustain business relations in such a vast market. The city also has a bright future for meeting planners, as signs clearly show that the growth of the technology and business sectors won’t be slowing down any time soon.

The city finds its renewable source of technology employees in the halls of the University of Texas at Austin, with hundreds of graduates entering the local workforce each year in the fields of science, engineering, and pharmaceuticals. The talent behind the Austin technology community is exceptional, in large part because UT has such a successful turnover system. The university is able attract the top students from around the globe and introduce them into industries ripe with career opportunities right in their own backyard, ensuring that the most innovative and creative minds in the tech world stay in Austin.

BMPs will want to become familiar with the Austin Technology Council. The ATC is an organization that supports the growth and development of the city’s technology community through sponsorships, advertising, and networking opportunities. It’s also the primary source for career information in every technology related field. Meeting planners should take note that most corporations in the area are represented through membership in the ATC, so the council would be one of the first stops in finding a suitable job position.

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